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There are those who are true seekers of the mystery behind the mystery of life. Joseph Campbell said, “Those who know, don’t. Those who know they don’t know, do.” These words reflect the mysterious nature of reality. You can see this mystery in the world of physics. Every time there is a breakthrough in discovering the basic make up of matter there is yet revealed another mystery to uncover. It seems the closer you get the farther you get. Albert Einstein likened it to hiking up a steep mountain where at some point the trail becomes shrouded in clouds and the hiker must rely on his intuition to know where the trail is. Somehow we are prevented from seeing the truth with our conscious analytical mind and must turn to some other part of our selves to know. I have seen this same phenomenon in my work in psychotherapy. Uncovering one truth reveals the beckoning call of yet another truth to be uncovered. It is ever fascinating and does beckon you to continue in your search. But like Einstein suggest perhaps it is our intuition that will reveal to us the basic truths of nature and reality.

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