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Inner Child and the Subconscious Mind

Inner Child and the Subconscious Mind 1Do you really know who your are?

Sometimes what you think you know about yourself is something else completely. Consider that there are many selves within our self. Does that sound crazy? Well, no, not when you consider the subconscious mind. For example, each of us has deep within ourselves (and often hidden) memories, feelings, and decisions we made from the womb on. What can that mean? For starters that means that you and I have within many inner children…many moments, some really high impact moments, and some not so impactful moments. In other words we have a fetus self, a toddler self, a preschool self, an elementary school self, and so on. All these selves have their own experiences and memories and are constantly present in the here-and-now in our subconscious minds. Think about he implications! We are all being run by our inner children…at least until we become fully conscious of them and do something to upgrade the old not-so-helpful decisions we made while our minds were still developing. Sound complicate? Too much to consider? Well, yes, I guess you are right about that. But I doubt we have any choice but to look if we are to be truly happy. It can be done, you know. I have been helping myself and many others for years. The results of inner child exploration can be joyfully fulfilling. Please consider it, my friend. I want you to be happy.

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