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Improving Your Relationships With Guided Imagery

All change in your life begins within you. Your desire for something to be better can put into action the elements necessary for change. In relationships remember that you cannot change another, only yourself. By changing yourself, your attitudes, thoughts, and feelings, you can automatically indirectly encourage change in another without them ever knowing. This is one of the most powerful and positive ways to change relationships. It is quiet power. It works. It is all done within yourself alone. This kind of change is done on the highest conscious level — the psycho-spiritual level.

First, realize that you put out an “energy” all your own. This “energy” reflects your deepest thoughts and feelings about yourself and others. This energy actually leaves your body and is sent out for all to perceive. This energy is usually perceived on the subliminal level — a level of which the perceiver is unaware. Even though the perceiver is unaware of their perception of your energy, they still react to it. On this level of communication, nothing can ever be faked. No matter how much you may want to feel a certain way, or act a certain way, on this level your truest thoughts and feelings are known. People who have developed their intuition are aware of this level and understand and even control their reactions based on this more accurate information that others send out. Such a person may find themselves responding in a way that may seem inappropriate to a less intuitive onlooker. Yet their response may be entirely appropriate on a higher level of communication.

Your thought and feeling perception of another can actually hold another “prisoner” without you even knowing it. As you think and feel about another, you automatically send out this energy message. Whatever the message is, it is automatically responded to in kind. For example, if you see another as rigid and unloving and have negative feelings attached to this judgement, the energy you send out will be negative and nonaccepting. This will cause the other to send a rigid and unloving energy back to you because they are feeling your rigid and unloving energy. Because this is all communicated unconsciously, the other person’s reaction is automatic. They are in this way held prisoner by the energy you send out. Your energy is very powerful. It effects everyone and everything. You can deny this fact, but you cannot escape its reality. What you truly think and feel is perceived by everyone. And you perceive everyone else’s thoughts and feelings. And you, too, are often held prisoner to other’s energy.

Your greatest defense is to become conscious. Listen to your intuition. In this way you develop one of your highest levels of perception and communication. Here is one way you can develop your intuition and change your relationships for the better — without anyone knowing what you are doing. The following is a meditation where you can use controlled visualization, thought, and feeling to change your relationships.

Guided Imagery

  1. Sit with an open body, eyes closed, and quiet yourself. Have in mind a person (or persons) you wish to “work with” — a relationship you wish to improve.
  2. Imagine sending a light from your tail bone extending deep into the earth, anchoring you in the loving embrace of Mother Earth. Do this until you feel a sensation of being solidly anchored with the earth.
  3. Imagine a light in your heart center. Feel it there. Allow it to expand through your chest and into the rest of your body. Allow it to expand outside of your body and surround you like a bubble. Imagine yourself surrounded by this bubble of white light. Know this light to be protective. Nothing can penetrate this light bubble that can harm you. Only love can penetrate this light bubble. You are safe from the harmful thoughts and feelings of others as long as you surround yourself with this white light.
  4. See an image of the person with whom you are desirous of having a better relationship sitting or standing some distance from you. Imagine that there is a cord connecting the two of you at your belly buttons. Look at the cord. It may be thick or thin, brown, grey, or black depending on the amount of toxic thoughts and feelings sent between the two of you.
  5. Imagine that you have a sharp cutting tool in your hand such as a knife or ax that you will use to cut this toxic cord.
  6. Cut the cord and watch the toxins leave both your bodies. You may feel sensations of the toxins leaving. Just observe until you see and feel all the toxins gone. For some really toxic relationships, this may take some time.
  7. Become aware of The Great Loving Wise One within yourself. Ask this part of yourself now to actively participate in communicating to The Great Loving Wise One of the other.
  8. Become aware of The Great Loving Wise One within yourself. Ask this part of yourself now to actively participate in communicating to The Great Loving Wise One of the other.
  9. Speaking from your Great Loving Wise One tell their Great Loving Wise One of your frustration with the relationship and what you would like to see happen. Ask their Great Loving Wise One if they would communicate your highest loving intentions to the person. Tell their Great Loving Wise One of your high intentions whether they seem possible or not.
  10. Envision your relationship with this person as being exactly as you want it. See it. Act it out in your imagination. Feel it. Change your thought and feeling energy to one of love and acceptance. Just do it. This is very important. If you fake it, it will be known. Your real thoughts and feelings will be the energy sent out. Make the energy sent the one you want sent. See harmony and a relationship that flows with positive and easy communication. See your faces as relaxed, defenseless, and accepting.
  11. Surround the other with a white light.
  12. Relax and let go. Believe that your effort will produce positive results. Trust your power. Keep open and just observe the relationship. Don’t push or try to control anything. Trust. Know that you can nullify what you have created by going back to unloving and non-accepting thoughts and feelings. If you do, go back and recreate anew. Remember that some negative energy may still be out there working and it may take some time for this new positive energy to show its effect. Be patient. If you are patient and sincere, you will get positive results. You are powerful.


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