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San Diego & Encinitas Therapist Client Story: My Husband Is Jealous Of My Dog and Cat

Susan in San Diego and Encinitas tells me, her therapist, that she had Kelly, her dog, and China, her cat for several years before she married Don. In fact, her pets were her main source of cuddling and comfort. They both slept on her bed every night and have continued to do so after her marriage to Don. What she wants to know is does Don have a right to be jealous? After all, Kelly and China came before Don and kicking them off the bed would traumatize them.

Want to hear your reactions? Here are some:

Dan writes: If Kelly wants to have a good marriage she needs to put her husband before her animals. She has the wrong perspective and should not only kick them off the bed but should kick them out of the bedroom.

Joanie writes: Susan is within her rights to protect her animals well-being. Perhaps she could get one of those pet beds that is bed high. That way they could be on the same level and not get in the way of Kelly and Don.

Matt writes: I love my animals and wouldn’t dream of kicking them off the bed. In fact, my girl friend agrees and we share our bed with our two dogs. It’s a bit crowded but it’s fun. Tell Don to get a clue. Animals are fun!

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