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Goal Setting Four: Visualize It

What your mind imagines can become reality. It all begins in your mind. One of the most powerful ways to manifest your goals is through your imagination and visualization. Visualize your goal. Visualize what you will be doing once you reach it. Feel it, even smell it. Make it as real as you can and in you imagination live it. Imagine what you will have to do to reach your goal. Imagine how it will play out. See it happening effortlessly. If your mind offers any road blocks or objections find a way in your imagination to over come the blocks and objections. Run it through your mind many times. Each time make it smoother, happier, with a positive outcome. Don’t question if your are doing it correctly or if your are being realistic. Don’t question if it will work or not. Your subconscious mind is a powerful manifester. What you imagine will will filtering down into the depths of your consciousness and your subconscious mind will view it as a directive. It will say, “So this is what you want to experience. OK, I’ll help you make it happen.” Don’t doubt it. Since your mind sees things in pictures it will get a clear idea of what you are after. Trust it and allow it to unfold!

Wendy Hill is a San Diego Counselor and Hypnosis Therapist

Wendy Hill, M.A., Ph.D. candidate (2013) has been in private practice in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy in San Diego and Encinitas for over thirty years. As a therapist and counselor Wendy specializes in transforming self-defeating core beliefs. Her therapy includes using hypnosis and counseling to treat anxiety, depression, addiction, childhood abuse, sexual abuse, relationships, self-confidence, and life challenges. Her website is

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