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Follow Your Bliss

Joseph Campbell is famous for this line. “Follow your bliss.” He was criticized for saying this by those who misunderstood its meaning. They thought Campbell meant for you to do whatever self indulgent things that bring you pleasure. If he had meant that perhaps Campbell would have said, “follow your guilty pleasures.” Bliss is a state of being that reflects a connection with that which is your spiritual path. Bliss often comes as a result of arduous and frightening encounters with those things which we fear. Emerging from the ashes of your spiritual and psychological labors is a knowingness of your purpose. For some their purpose in life is whispering to them at a very early age. It is as though you were born to create and follow that inner muse. Most often following your bliss embraces something that gives to others. Whatever, listen to your innermost yearnings. It is likely that those yearnings are whispers as to what your path in life is. Follow those whispers and see where they lead. If they bring joy to your heart follow them. This is following your bliss.

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