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San Diego, Encinitas, Carlsbad, Del Mar Hypnotherapist in Core Beliefs on Overcoming Depression

If you live near San Diego, Encinitas, Carlsbad, or Del Mar  and are looking for a hypnotherapist who specializes in core beliefs and helps people in overcoming depression then you have found her. Hello, I’m Wendy Hill, MA, PhD (2013). I specialize in identifying and transforming the core, root causes of depression and anxiety. Here is a really valuable tip about depression. Depression is caused by the denial of or pushing down of real, valid emotions from some past event or condition that was stressful. It’s pretty simple and straight forward. If you are willing to look back with the help of a professional like myself you can identify the original, root cause of your depression. Then you can identify the emotions you pushed down. You can then identify the core beliefs that came from those past events and emotions and understand the patterns of behavior and ways of feeling about things. But most importantly, you can find a way to acknowledge and express those repressed emotions. When you do that, your depression will automatically lift. I have seen it a thousand times. The processes I use in my practice are so wonderful in freeing people from years of depression and anxiety. If you would like to read or watch a video on depression and anxiety go to

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