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Anxiety and Depression

Hypnotherapy Treats Root Causes

Cause of Anxiety Anxiety and depression are two of the most common human conditions. Anxiety and depression can rob your well-being and happiness. But they do not need to. Anxiety and depression can be resolved often without the help of medication.  By treating the root cause you can eradicate both. Wendy Hill, Ph.D., certified clinical hypnotherapist, uses proven hypnosis techniques that treat the root causes of anxiety and depression. Serving all of San Diego County including Escondido and La Jolla, Wendy doesn’t just treat the symptoms. Using advanced hypnotherapy and psychotherapeutic techniques she treats the conditions and experiences that create it. She has been in practice for over 30 years in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy.

Anxiety is typically caused by underlying feelings of helplessness regarding some life condition or event. It can manifest in the form of worry, fear of future events or conditions, or anxious expectation of some perceived uncomfortable experience. Anxiety is backed by subconscious beliefs regarding one’s own ability to have control. Feeling out of control over something can cause extreme anxiety. The beliefs that cause anxiety often originate in childhood and can follow you through life. By bringing into your awareness the original underlying cause of anxiety you can replace it with feelings of empowerment and peace of mind.

Anxiety Attacks

An anxiety attack can be a frightening experience. An attack can cause extreme panic, rapid heart beat, and a feeling of being unable to catch breath. Anxiety attacks have a tendency to come to a peak and then move to resolution. One has to “ride out” the attack. An anxiety attack is always proceeded by an anxious and often irrational thought. Find the thought, turn it around, and you can stop or diminish an anxiety attack. Understanding the underlying cause of fearful and irrational thinking is also very important in controlling anxiety attacks.

Cause of Depression

Depression, similar to anxiety, is caused by certain subconscious memories, feelings, and beliefs that affect mood and behavior. Once you bring into consciousness the root cause of depression you can eradicate it. Often depression is the “depression” or denial of certain emotions such as anger, grief, shame, or hurt. Depression is curable if you are willing to take a look at the root causes.

Hypnotherapy Heals Anxiety and Depression

Hypnotherapy administered by a trained certified clinical hypnotherapist can heal anxiety and depression. Wendy Hill, Ph.D. has been helping people eradicate anxiety and depression for over thirty years. Her original training with Milton Erickson and Carl Rogers set the basis of her practice. Over the years Wendy has developed processes and a therapeutic style that is compassionate and effective.

The duration of anxiety and/or depression can be chronic (long lasting) or can be acute (short lived) depending on your life circumstances. Wendy focuses on uncovering the root causes of your anxiety and depression whether it be chronic or acute.

Root Causes Can Be Hidden

Anxiety and depression have very real and tangible causes. With hypnotherapy you recognize the causes that lie in your past and that may be hidden from your conscious awareness. Conscious awareness of the origins of anxiety and depression enables you to make the necessary changes. Wendy helps you uncover these root causes and opens the door to greater clarity and peace of mind.

Often what you think is causing your depression or anxiety may not be the real cause. The subconscious influences of your core beliefs are very powerful. Wendy treats the root cause related to your self-defeating core beliefs. Increased conscious awareness enables you to be liberated from you anxiety and depression.

Reducing the crippling impact of most depression and anxiety requires developing a conscious unawareness of how to deal with stressful events and conditions in a healthy way. Hypnotherapy and hypnosis combined with counseling are proven treatments that effectively help you deal with stress.

People often make unhealthy choices and don’t know how to change their behavior. You may feel stuck in your problems. In fact you may not even recognize the power your problems have over you. Wendy helps you find clarity and conflict resolution. She helps you make healthy conscious choices that transform your life.

Problems may be buried deeply in the unconscious mind making them difficult to recognize. Feelings of fear, guilt, sadness, shame, or anger can prevent you from understanding or recognizing the truth. Hypnotherapy and hypnosis help you take a personal stand for yourself.

Hypnotherapy can bring into clarity the root cause of anxiety and depression and offer alternative healthy solutions. Hypnotherapy can open doors that you thought were forever shut. Hypnotherapy can turn anxiety and depression into opportunity, hope, and resolution.

Wendy Hill, Ph.D., certified clinical hypnotherapist and trained in psychotherapy, offers anxiety and depression help for rapid to-the-root treatment. Wendy helps you identify and transform your underlying self-defeating core beliefs that cause inner conflict into healthy resolution. This transformation will help you resolve any current and/or chronic problem that causes anxiety or depression.

Client True Story:

Kathy suffered from anxiety and depression for years. She had tried traditional psychotherapy and various self healing techniques and therapies yet her depression and anxiety persisted. By the time she came to me she had all but lost hope that any kind of therapy could help her. After just several sessions she identified the depression and anxiety inducing conditions and events in her past that she had either forgotten or trivialized. Immediately her anxiety and depression began to lift. She went back into her life with a new resolve and a new confidence. Several years later I connected with her. The change was amazing. She was confident and had accomplished many of the things she had put off prior to her hypnotherapy. -Wendy Hill, M.A.

Thoughts on the secret of happiness:

  • See challenge and conflict as opportunity.
  • When you feel down take some kind of positive action.
  • Enjoy the simple things.
  • See your work as service.
  • Give a comforting smile to all you meet.
  • Keep your heart open to strangers.
  • Be direct with kindness.
  • Let go of trying to control or change others.
  • See other people’s happiness as your own.
  • Make friendship more precious that mere things.
  • Make love more precious than getting one’s own way.
  • Accept whatever comes with an attitude of trust.
  • Keep your heart empty of malice and self-seeking.
  • Choose to be happy rather than wait for outer circumstances to make you happy.
  • Keep an even mind through all the storms of life.
  • Live in but not for the moment.
  • Give up personal attachments by recognizing that nothing truly belongs to you.
  • Have reverence for all life.
  • Keep a humble heart free from pretense.
  • Worship the Great Loving Wise One within yourself.
  • Laugh with others not at them.
  • See others as extensions of your own self.
  • Do joyfully and willingly whatever needs to be done.
  • Desire to learn rather than to teach.
  • Understand that your highest duty is to love.
  • Smile with your heart and eyes not merely with your lips.
  • Seek to help others rather than to be helped by them.
  • Support others’ faith in themselves.

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