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Depression Six: Scary Diagnosis

A scary health diagnosis is just plain scary. When the doctor says, “I’m sorry to tell you this but the tests indicate that you have….and these are your options…..” all you my hear is that dreaded word of the diagnosis. You may have the thought that your life as you have come to know and love it is over. And when the shock wears off you are still stuck with the diagnosis and the treatment. You may look at your life and wonder how much time you have, how much suffering you may experience, how those your love will be impacted and how they will get along. You may worry about the amount of money you will have to spend and if your insurance will cover. You wonder if the doctor was really right or should you have another opinion. You wonder if you are at the best facility for your treatment or if you should go to Mayo Clinic. You wonder how this will impact your job and if you have to be gone long will your job still be waiting for you. You wonder how death will be and if there is anything after you die that you can hope for. You may look back at your life and wonder if you did what you wanted, what you should, or what is right. You try to keep a positive and optimistic outlook but depression with a big D is waiting for you. Under these circumstances depression is normal. But here are things you can do. Talk about your concerns and emotions. Talk. Don’t hold it in. Don’t try to be too brave to protect your ego or your loved ones. Get angry, cry, yell at God. Let yourself feel and express those feelings. This will help get rid of some of the depression and help to open a door of hope and possibility. Take action in your own treatment by researching, questioning your doctor(s), and generally making a pest of yourself to learn what you need to in order to make informed decisions. Taking control will help you feel more powerful and less helpless. Enroll others to help you but stay centered in yourself always going within to see what feels right and what feels wrong. And in your quiet moments seek a connection with Spirit however you see it. This spiritual connection will help you know that no matter what happens, even in death you are safe and loved.

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