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Addiction Story: How Tina Quit Drinking

Tina called me to register for a certification class in hypnotherapy. She had no interest in personal or spiritual growth. She just wanted to become certified and start a new career. A requirement for certification is participation in one-on-one hypnotherapy and group workshop so Tina began the program with her already set intention of learning the trade. Gradually Tina began to realize that her childhood was not the “normal” one she had believed it to be. She began to see that she had been emotionally abandoned many times and had endured a number of very conflicting high impact moments in her childhood.  By the time Tina had completed the course she was amazed to realize that the most important things she learned were about herself. Gradually Tina began to admit that she had a problem with alcohol. In fact she drank every night with the intention of getting drunk. She was using alcohol to escape from her emotions and her memories. She was medicating herself. Tina continued with the program and as the weeks passed by she became increasingly more committed to her own personal and spiritual growth. She then felt strong enough to face her drinking addiction and quit drinking. All this came about as a result of her doing the deep-down childhood healing work. Her drinking was seldom if ever discussed in her therapy or in the group. The wonderful thing about this therapy is that your life changes in a natural way toward that which is healthiest and best for you. This is was happened for Tina.

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