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Addiction Story: Six Times In Rehab But Still Hope

Shirley had been given up by he friends and almost by her family. She was so seriously addicted to drugs and alcohol that she had given up on herself. Unconsciously waiting for death Shirley had failed six times in rehab. Each time she left rehab with a determination to stay away from the friends and influences related to her addictions and each time was lured or seduced back. At thirty-five Shirley was desperate. Six time loser at rehab. What was missing? What could she do? In rehab she had joined in on individual therapy, group therapy, and a number of addiction awareness processes. However, the inner child works she so desperately needed was only brushed upon. Shirley needed to have an intense and in depth look at her childhood. She needed to go back to her high impact moments as a child and discover the decisions and affects of those upsetting events. She needed to cry, scream, and express the pain of her past before she could see anything clearly in the present. And she needed t find a spiritual connection within herself that could give her hope. Even though her rebab experiences encouraged her to look within herself she somehow never had the direction or skilled support to do so. Then Shirley came to me. Within weeks she was looking at the previously unexamined pain of her past. This was a painful and intense experience for Shirley but once done Shirley began to feel a peace of mind and a calm she had never experienced before. The crying, screaming, and emotional expression paid off. The dark place in her soul began to be filled with light. Shirley began to come back to life.

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