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Addiction Story: Addicted to Sex

Justin was addicted to sex. No question. He was a womanizer of the first kind. James Bond would be jealous. At forty-two Justin was emotionally about seventeen. He still found a thrill at the conquest of a woman, any woman. Sex was king and Justin had to have it most nights. If it wasn’t with a girl friend it was with a stranger or paid sex. If none of those were readily available there was porn. But porn was not his preferred “drug.” It was real live women. No one knew the extent of Justin’s addiction, not even his fiance, Gwen. When they married Justin cut back on his womanizing considerably and simply increased the number of times a day he would have sex with Gwen. At first Gwen was flattered. She thought that Justin found her irresistible. Then after a time Gwen grew tired of the three and four times a day Justin demanded sex. Gwen then decided that she needed to be a good wife and simply allow Justin to have his way with her. Then after a more extended time Gwen started saying “no.” This outraged Justin. Gwen was afraid of Justin and felt trapped. Eventually Gwen left Justin and had to move to another town and take on another name. Justin went back to his womanizing. Until Justin is willing to admit he has an addiction and is willing to look at its cause he is fated to continue this pattern. If you know someone like Justin all you can do is set boundaries for yourself. Some people can be treated for sex addiction. But first they must admit that they have an addiction and be willing to look at the cause.

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