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Addiction Story: Addicted to Medication

Several years ago Steve had surgery on his back. He had been in pain for years and finally followed the doctor’s advice and got surgery. The surgery was a success and Steve was able for the first time to get though a day without severe pain. The relief was palpable. The only problem was that Steve could not seem to get off the pain medication he had been taking for years. In fact, he came to realize that the pain medication he was taking was for more than just pain. It was also to help Steve medicate his emotions. This had never occurred to Steve while he was taking the medication. As far as he was concerned the medication was strictly for the pain. But after the surgery he could no longer deny that there was something else. At first he thought that the pain pills were addictive in themselves. So he, with the doctor’s instructions, began to wean himself slowly off the medication. However, this caused Steve great anxiety and he continued to take the previously prescribed amount. Steve even found another doctor to prescribe the medication at another pharmacy so his current physician wouldn’t know what he was doing. It was at this point that Steve called me for hypnotherapy. Fortunately, Steve had the wisdom to realize that he had a problem and reached out for help. And help he got. The hypnosis coupled with counseling solved the problem. Steve is now happily off his medication and facing life as it comes. If this is happening to you please take hope. You can get off that medication and you can have a normal healthy life. Consider the power of hypnosis. It works.

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