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Personal Growth Music: Joyful Child’s Dream

On your journey toward self-realization you finally encounter your inner child and in doing so heal him/her. Once in the process of healing you discover that not only do you have a wounded child, you have a joyful child. Your joyful child is the part of you that is innocent, unconditionally loving, and fully embracing … Read more

Personal Growth Music: My Precious Child

Anyone who is doing their spiritual and personal growth work will come to the realization that the child within holds a key to happiness. Not only are healing the hurtful experiences of childhood pivotal in this process but the inner child holds the innocence and wonder necessary for self-realization. By giving your inner child unconditional … Read more

Personal Growth Music: Great And Loving And Wise

Always as a part of our journey toward the Self or self realization is the connection with your higher self. Some call it God. Some call it their Higher Power. Some call it Spirit. It’s all the same unconditional love with the infinite. This connection is essential for it is the true expression of who … Read more

Personal Growth Music: Courage

Courage is not the lack of fear. It is the willingness to persevere in spite of it. It takes courage to take the challenging journey to self realization for the road is filled with pot holes and treacherous turns. In this song, Courage, by Wendy Hill you will experience yourself finding the warrior spirit necessary … Read more