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Is My Mother A Narcissist?

Narcissism is getting a lot of attention recently. What is it exactly and could I be the daughter of a narcissistic mother? You can read more about narcissism on this site by choosing the Narcissism category. But for now here are some hints for you that may help you identify if you are indeed the daughter of a narcissistic mother. More hints to come in future blogs here.

Hint One:  Are you dependent on your mother for advice, feel a strong need to have her in your life, talk to her frequently on the phone?…or…do you try to keep a distance from your mother, don’t want to talk to her, avoid as much contact with her as possible? If the answer is yes to either of these questions it is possible you are the daughter of a  narcissistic mother. Narcissistic mothers tend to make their daughters dependent on them, shaming them while at the same time making them feel they need her. Often the daughter’s response is to become overly dependent or to leave the mother altogether.

Hint Two:  Does your mother tend to blame others or outer circumstances for her mistakes? Does she justify the unkind, dismissive, or mean things she says and does?  If so you may be the daughter of a narcissistic mother. Narcissists at their core are very insecure and feel a deep sense of unrecognized shame for who they are. Consequently they are unable to admit to their mistakes or their dismissive or mean behaviors. In their minds they justify their actions and blame outside influences.

Hint Three: Do you have low self-esteem or an ongoing sense of anxiety or depression? When you think of your mother do you have an uncomfortable feeling deep in your belly, right at the pit of your stomach? If so you may be the daughter of a narcissistic mother.

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