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Be Kind To Your Children

Did you know that you can shame your child with just a roll of  the eye or a slight tone in your voice? Your children tune into your every expression, intonation, mood, act, and word. You are their god, the sunshine that makes them survive. Without your love and support they whither and sometimes die. Yes, it is an awesome responsibility. This is why you need to heal any shame you may carry from your own childhood. Otherwise you pass it on. I call shame the hidden emotions because it hides behind  clouds of secret devastation. Sometimes it’s so hidden that the one who is shamed cannot even name it and may cover it up with withdrawal, humor, over pleasing, or rebellion. Be kind to your children.  Don’t let your frustration, fatigue, busyness, or mood cause you to be critical, impatient, sarcastic, or have a tone. This supreme effort on your part will help guarantee that your children will grow up feeling worthy and loved.  Without those feelings as a base having begun very early in life there is little chance at having what real success is: peace of mind. Perhaps raising a child who is loved (not smother-loved) is one of the most challenging jobs in the world. It requires that you, yourself, become a better person. If you approach your parenting in this way everybody wins. Simply put, be kind to your children.

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