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Idyllwild is nestled in the San Jacinto mountains. Set among tall pines, sweet smelling cedars and Legendary rocks. The town has kept its "small town" atmosphere. Locally owned shops and restaurants are all you will find here. Come and experience the peace and quiet of Idyllwild.

Give yourself the refresher you need.

  • Custom designed for your lifestyle and personal needs.

  • Find your voice again.

  • Learn how to win-win communicate.

  • Connect with yourself and with those important to you.

  •  Come back to life.

    Fees start at $899 for week end.

"I am grateful for your patience, insights, and gentle but direct guidance. Thank you, Dr. Wendy." RS, San Diego


Fees start at $899 for weekend

personal and spiritual growth retreat.


Live the life you were meant to live.

Self-confidence, peace of mind, resolution.

Find out if Wendy Hill, Ph.D. is the therapist you need

to help you take your next personal growth step.

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One-on-one therapy.  Small group workshops.  Telephone counseling.

wendy hill
Wendy Hill, Ph.D.

One-On-One Therapy

Are you seeking someone that will help you overcome a stressful situation, a relationship problem, addiction, or life conflict? Do you feel you are missing something in your life? Happiness? Peace of mind? Are you serious about wanting to change? Dr. Wendy has been in compassionate practice for over 30 years. Call her now for a no-obligation "get acquainted" conversation. Your first session(s) are on the phone (or skype) or if you are local to San Diego, with Dr. Wendy in her office in Encinitas.

The Renaissance Experience Workshop

One week long workshop that addresses and transforms your self-defeating core beliefs into core beliefs that truly support you. Dr. Wendy has been conducting this workshop for many years - now 100 times. Because it works. Compassionate, safe, transforming.

Cost: $2999 to $4199 depending on special circumstances . Includes room.

Dates: One coming very soon.

Call now for free no-obligation consultation. 760-994-9296


One- and Two-Day Retreats

Get away from your life's stresses and experience the peace and tranquility of Idyllwild, California. Come to Idyllwild's small luxury getaway, Falling Leaf Retreat. Wendy Hill, Ph.D. is offering scheduled and custom retreats from one-day to one-week or longer. Dr. Wendy specializes in helping people connect with what she calls the "True Self." She says, "When you connect with your True Self, beyond the ego and beyond the wounded child within, you connect with your natural joy and peace of mind. It's both a psychological and a spiritual experience."

Here are two one- or two-day workshops Dr. Wendy is offering at Falling Leaf Retreat that embrace at their core this connection with the self. By the way, both these workshops are offered to locals as one-day workshops.

The Secrets of Staying and Looking Youthful. This workshop came about as a result of people repeatedly asking Dr. Wendy how she can look and act so young when she is in her 70's. "When people learn my age they typically act a little shocked and then ask my secrets for looking so young. I remember one time a dermatologist asked this question with such a look of surprise that I decided to really focus on what my secrets are." Dr. Wendy has never had a face lift but her skin and demeanor show a vitality that defies age. She says that what she does to maintain her youthfulness are not only certain habits and regimes, but in her attitudes and behaviors. Now she wants to share her secrets with you. In this two-day workshop Dr. Wendy will focus on YOU and help you find your own secrets to a youthful life.

Getaway for Women. Here you can totally de-stress and connect with your True Self. Dr. Wendy will lead you through exercises that lift you up and embrace you in their warmth and comfort. She will offer guided meditations, inspiring conversations, quiet walks, and reflections by Falling Leaf Retreat's three waterfalls. Expect to experience not only Dr. Wendy's healing energy but the peace and tranquility of Idyllwild's forests, gentle wildlife, and mountain air.

Learn more about Dr. Wendy and Falling Leaf Retreat at Or call Dr. Wendy at 760-994-9296.

Falling Leaf Retreat Hosts Other Workshops and Seminars:

•  Personal and Spiritual Growth Workshops

•  Inner Child Healing

•  Hypnotherapy and Regression

•  Rapid Results Guaranteed

Learn about customized Inner Child Healing and Hypnotherapy retreats. Talk to Dr. Wendy. 760-994-9296.

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"This retreat was profoundly life changing for me. The retreat  and accommodations are beautiful, the program was presented with compassion yet didn't shrink from showing me what I needed to see about myself. I am thankful for life." Natalia R., M.D.

"I have had years of therapy but nothing comes close to what Wendy Hill did for me. She knows how to get to the real deep down issue and she knows how to make it better. I have peace of mind, at last."  Donna C.

"I am amazed that a small group of people led by someone with such wisdom and compassion as Wendy could have changed my life so completely. I am grateful. My family and friends are grateful." Don D.

"When I went through Wendy's program my son was five years old. He is now 23 and I am sending him to Wendy. She changed my life years ago and it has lasted. I want my son to have the same gift." Steve H.


Weekend Spiritual Connection Workshops

•  Connect with your True Spiritual Self

•  Small group of 3 to 6 seekers

•  Not a religious organization

•  Based on solid psychological and spiritual concepts

•  Led by an experienced counselor/spiritual teacher

•  Includes processes and meditations that connect you to your Spirit

•  Relaxing, inspiring, refreshing


Come Join Us For The Weekend! You Deserve A Break!

Free Telephone Consultation. 760-994-9296

Call for fee and dates.

When: Weekends throughout the year. Starts Friday 1:00 pm and ends Sunday 3:00 pm.

Fee: Call now to learn more.

Your room:  Clean, upscale, new, shared one room mate, twin bed.

Single room, king bed available.

Meals:  Meals (not included in fee) are eaten at local restaurants within walking distance of retreat.


One Week Personal Growth  Workshop

•  Transform your subconscious self-defeating core beliefs.

•  Experience deep inner connection, peace of mind, resolution to years of inner conflict

•  Seasoned therapist over 30 years conducting this workshop

•  Repeated success in life transformation proven over the years


Resolves anxiety, depression, addiction, stress, relationship problems.

Call for fee and dates.

Free Telephone Consultation.  760-994-9296


Wendy Hill, Ph.D. has specialized for over thirty years in transforming subconscious self-defeating core beliefs  that cause depression, anxiety, addiction, low self-esteem, stress, phobias, and dysfunctional relationships into core beliefs that support healthy adult experience and enhance spiritual development. No more wasted time, money, and hope on therapies that "walk around" the problem. Wendy treats the cause, not the symptom. Come experience her compassion, insight, leadership, kindness, and direct communication.

photo-3Falling Leaf Retreat is located in the mild four season Southern California mountain town of Idyllwild, a two hour drive from San Diego and Los Angeles and a one hour drive from Palm Springs. Abounding with the inspiring affect of nature, Falling Leaf Retreat is the ideal environment for personal transformation.

Idyllwild is known as a non-commercial haven that attracts people to its film, art, and music festivals, science camp, and music camp. It has a down home feeling while at the same time inspires reflection and the peace of nature.  Falling Leaf Retreat is perched on a hillside overlooking virgin forest, views of the famous Idyllwild half dome (the only other is at Yosemite), and forever skies. It is surrounded by sun decks, a fountain and meditation yard, peaceful treed streets, and is completely private. Falling Leaf Retreat is within walking distance of town, restaurants, boutiques, shops, and hiking trails. Deer typically cross Falling Leaf Retreat which also abounds with other small wild life, birds, and, of course, fresh mountain air.

photoUpon your arrival you will enter into Falling Leaf Retreat's wonderful rooms filled with abundant light and each with a unique view of the mountains and forest. You will be nurtured in a cozy, clean, well appointed bedroom. The workshop room with its own fireplace is perfect for reflection, sharing, and just sitting and looking out at the trees.

Small Group Combined With One-On-One Therapy Is Best

Wendy Hill's techniques are loving, compassionate, and directly address the core issues. She has found that a combination of one-on-one therapy (in person or on the telephone) with small group work is the most powerful method for healing and transformation. The combination is so powerful that clients she hasn't seen in 20 years have called her and referred their children, friends, and family. One-on-one therapy can offer focused in-depth exploration and a small group can offer the loving support of those who are also facing life challenges. The combination is unbeatable.

Falling Leaf Retreat Has Small Groups Only

Groups are kept small, three to six people maximum. Where most retreats and workshops will enroll you in groups of twenty or more, Wendy's workshops at Falling Leaf Retreat are small groups. You get the greatest amount of attention while gaining the significant benefits of group support.  RennieRoomIdyllwild

The Cause of Anxiety, Depression, Addiction, Low Self-Esteem, Stress, Phobias, and Dysfunctional Relationships

At the heart of your problem are your subconscious core beliefs that you carry about yourself, life, and others. To some degree anxiety, depression, addiction, low self-confidence, and broken relationships are experienced by everyone, often many times through a lifetime. Negative core beliefs can steal away your well-being, happiness, even your health and undermine your relationships. Some people are plagued with chronic anxiety and/or depression, addiction, and low self-esteem for years, even a lifetime. The good news is that you can change your underlying subconscious core beliefs into beliefs that support you and attract love and prosperity into your life. Anxiety and depression can be worked through and often without the help of medication. Addiction can be eradicated. Self-esteem can be built. Peace of mind and clarity of thought can be restored. By treating the root cause, your core beliefs, you can change your life. With help of Wendy Hill, Ph.D. at Falling Leaf Retreat you have this opportunity.

photo-14Emotional pain and undesirable behavior is commonly caused by underlying (and often unconscious) feelings of helplessness. This pain is created by subconscious beliefs that were often formed early in life when you were the most vulnerable and impressionable. These old subconscious core beliefs can run your life without your even knowing how or how to change it. These beliefs that originate in childhood can follow you through life. By bringing into your awareness the original underlying cause of your pain you can heal it and experience a new found peace of mind.

Finding  And Healing The Hidden Causes

Conflicting behaviors and feelings have very real and tangible origins. With the help of hypnotherapy combined with psychotherapy you can recognize the causes that lie in your past and that may be hidden from your conscious awareness. Conscious awareness of the origins of your self-defeating core beliefs enables you to make the necessary changes. Wendy helps you uncover these root causes and helps to open the door to greater clarity and peace of mind.

Often what you think is causing your problems may not be the real cause. The subconscious influences of your core beliefs are very powerful. Problems may be buried deeply in the unconscious mind making them difficult to recognize. Feelings of fear, guilt, sadness, shame, or anger can prevent you from understanding or recognizing the truth. Wendy will help you become aware of those negative influences and help you find a way to resolution and healthy living.

Falling Leaf Retreat Is Also A Spiritual Experience

Any time one goes to the effort of changing how they experience life it becomes not just a psychological event but it is also a spiritual event. Workshops at Falling Leaf Retreat with Wendy Hill, Ph.D. are spiritual in nature. The processes, the hypnotherapy, the psychotherapy, the music, the kindness and compassion, and the inspirational insights help bring about your transformation.

Wendy Will Help You Become Clear If Falling Leaf Retreat Is For You

Wendy will spend as much time as you need on the phone to help you determine if a Falling Leaf Retreat workshop is right for you. Wendy is approachable and easy to talk to and to open up with. You can take things one step at a time, no pushing, selling, or pressure. If you decide that you would like to take a next step then Wendy will arrange for an in-person or telephone session with you where Wendy will take your history and you will experience the first steps toward healing. This session will be followed by other one-on-one sessions, usually between 3 and 5, giving you the foundation necessary to experience the next step in your growth, the group workshop. Sessions can be one hour, one and a half hour, or two hours in length. The fee for one-on-one sessions is separate from the retreat workshop and is based on a sliding scale which you and Wendy will determine in your initial telephone conversation.  more trees

The Guarantee

Tracking of past clients shows a high rate of success. It is Wendy's observation and experience that anyone going through this retreat workshop while giving 100% of their own effort will have a life transformation that will likely last on into their future and will positively affect all their decisions, moods, behaviors, and relationships. Wendy has conducted this workshop many times since 1984.

Willie, Gentle Companion

Willie Asleep After GroomingWillie is the retreat mascot. Gentle, sweet, and very sensitive, Willie is a comforting presence even for people who are cat lovers or not dog people.


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