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Executive and Business Self Confidence

Executive and Business Self Confidence 1Even high level leaders and business people have moments where they lack self confidence. We are, after all, human and the ups and downs of life can some times throw us off kilter for a while. Here is a little advice for when this happens to you. First, realize that having feelings of low confidence does not define you or your capabilities. In fact, during times of stress low confidence is normal and often an opportunity to grow. Certain kinds of stresses can trigger feelings of insecurity. For example, if you were criticized a lot as a kid those old feelings of not being worthy can be triggered by certain stresses and situations in the present. We may even feel like we are hit sideways and out of the blue with those bad feelings. Don’t worry. This is your opportunity to understand yourself better and to resolve an old problem that has maybe been bugging you for years.

Let me tell you a story about a client I worked with many years ago. He was in the oil industry and had over the time he had been that business became a multi-millionaire many times…and had lost his fortune as many. Each time he picked himself up, dusted himself off, and began again…each time succeeding in reaching his goals. Except this one time. This time was different because when he went bankrupt again the circumstances were different. This time his wife who had been loyal and trusting throughout their marriage left him. Her leaving was a message to his subconscious mind that triggered a core belief that he was not worthy. When I first met him he was beside himself with grief, self loathing, and hopelessness. He felt that he couldn’t move forward and had lost all his drive to do so. I told him that something in him from his past was triggered when his wife left and that if we could find it he would soon recover. He told me that he was almost flat broke and could only pay me with a valuable gold coin and if the therapy worked and he recovered his financial standing he would pay me. I decided to go for it so he and I embarked on a journey that included hypnosis and past childhood regression. Sure enough the emotions he feel when his father criticized him and eventually left triggered the same exact feelings and reaction in him when his wife left. As soon as my client was able to acknowledge his feelings about his father and how he felt as a child he began to feel better. About six months after our work had completed I received a huge floral gift and a letter with a check. The letter said that said he was fast on the road to financial recovery. There is no doubt in my mind that his willingness to see the connection between his past and current problem with his wife leaving helped set him free.

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