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Drinking & Alcoholism One: Good For You?

Perhaps the most common of misunderstood, condemned, and accepted addiction in our culture: drinking and alcoholism. Inappropriate drinking is common and accepted in every nook and cranny in our society, from presidents to the homeless. Most people have one serious alcoholic in their family or extended family. Most have someone they are close to that … Read more

Drinking And Alcoholism Seven: Quitting Drinking Is A Spiritual Thing

We all have a purpose for living. Being alive is a privilege. We are propelled into this world which is often violent and painful to learn lessons. It’s like we are in a kind of spiritual school, given challenges to we can grow in wisdom and understanding. Sometimes our challenges are overwhelming especially in childhood. … Read more

Drinking And Alcoholism Six: What Is An Enabler?

Every alcoholic has enablers, often a spouse or partner and perhaps many others such as employers, extended family, friends, religious leaders, etc. An enabler is someone who will not only refuse to challenge the alcoholic’s drinking by setting boundaries but who will often actively support the drinker. For example, an enabler may drink with the … Read more

Drinking and Alcoholism Five: How Do I Stop Drinking?

“How do I stop drinking?” What a wonderful question if you are the one asking it right now. It’s wonderful because by asking this question you have already taken the first step to quitting drinking. You are probably aware that your drinking no longer gives you what you really want and is perhaps hurting you … Read more

Drinking and Alcoholism Four: What Is Alcoholic Drinking?

Alcoholism has a broad reach. It can effect anyone and to any degree. To be an alcoholic one does not have to be in the gutter or even drink every day. One description of alcoholism is when one drinks to alter his or her mood and has a problem as a result. What the “problem” … Read more