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Depression Sixteen: Aging

Some fortunate people accept their aging as a part of life. They watch with humor the gradual losses that come with aging. And unless they are seriously compromised they enjoy their lives. Some even find their “golden years” to be the best. They no longer feel the pull of having to achieve to please, benefit from the accumulated wisdom that comes with years of experience, and are more able to be their true selves. Such people are lucky and blessed. There are, however, many who complain about and worry about their aging. Every time they look in the mirror they grieve over the loss of their youth and feel less of a person as a result. Women especially feel depressed about their aging and will often go to extremes to compensate in their attempts to return to youth. No doubt that youth is a wonderful thing when you are healthy and active, both mentally and physically. But youth is dampened by inexperience and a lack of wisdom in most and is often lived without real joy. It is best, don’t you agree, to accept your aging as a part of the unseen and yet ultimately redeeming plan? It is not best to know that there is a reason for the seasons of our lives and to enjoy the fruits of each season? Aging is. Abandon your depression about your aging and enjoy what you do have.

Wendy Hill, M.A., Ph.D. candidate (2013) has been in private practice in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy in San Diego and Encinitas for over thirty years. As a therapist and counselor Wendy specializes in transforming self-defeating core beliefs. Her therapy includes using hypnosis and counseling to treat anxiety, depression, addiction, childhood abuse, sexual abuse, relationships, self-confidence, and life challenges. Her website is


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