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The Call to Adventure Workshop

  • Resolve a personal challenge through metaphor and music
  • Experience a sense of empowerment and victory over a life obstacle
  • Feel hope and be inspired by your own warrior spirit

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The Call To Adventure is a one day multi-media non-confrontive personal growth workshop that uses music, movie, narrative, and workbook to inspire and guide the participant. This workshop has been designed to be non-confrontive offering the opportunity for emotional privacy. The adventure symbolically reflects the stages we go through when we responsibly confront and resolve life’s difficulties, large and small. The workshop automatically moves the participant through the stages allowing him to resolve a challenge he may be currently facing.

The movie adventure is a metaphorical story of the hero’s journey as he faces obstacles and works his way to victory. The participant becomes the hero, slaying dragons, rescuing his essential self, and walking into the light of greater soul wisdom. It is a thrilling ride. As the movie progresses the participant has the opportunity to look within for memory, insight, realization, and resolution.


You prepare mentally by choosing a challenge you are facing in your life. You will use the program to help yourself work through it. By workshop’s end you will have begun the process of resolution.

When you arrive you are warmly greeted and given a notebook you will use to guide you through the experience. After a short introduction the adventure begins.

You will view the movie, The Call To Adventure. It has been broken into sections, each section reflecting a specific stage in the hero’s journey. The movie tells the story in a compelling and wonderful way. You will use each movie section to help yourself toward resolution.

After each movie section you will hear music that will reflect the meaning of the section of the movie you have just viewed. The music will inspire you and help move you forward on your adventure.

After each section you will have an opportunity to reflect on what you are thinking, feeling, remembering, and realizing. If you wish to write your thoughts you can turn to the page in your notebook that corresponds to that stage in the movie. Each “stage page” will have on it one to three questions. If you like you can respond to any of the questions or simply write what you are experiencing.

The movie continues until all stages have been viewed and you have had a chance to respond to each. This section of the workshop takes about 3 hours including restroom breaks.

After lunch (please bring lunch) you can share your experience if you wish, hear others’ experiences, and listen to Wendy Hill speak on the impact of The Call To Adventure in all of our lives.

The workshop can be repeated. Each time offers the opportunity for greater insight. The positive affects are cumulative and can be realized long after participation.

Wendy Hill, Ph.D. is a seasoned certified clinical hypnotherapist who gets to the root of any conflict and helps you transform your life. She has been in practice for over 30 years in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. Trained in core belief transformation, Wendy is skilled in hypnosis and psychotherapeutic techniques that heal and transform. She is also author, lyricist, and vocalist.

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