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How to Identify If You Have A Narcissistic Parent

Children accept their experience of their parents as normal. They don’t know any different. Children don’t analyze or ask if their parents have a problem. Seeing your parents as an adult looking back at your childhood can be enlightening.

Do any of the following statements ring true? If so you may have been raised by a narcissistic parent.

Sometimes I feel worthlessness. I have had feelings that I have to repeatedly prove myself. I often have fear of expressing myself. I don’t say what I want.

I don’t like attention. I often avoid situations where I will get attention.

I often feel like people won’t or don’t like me even before I meet them.

I feel guilty about things…even things I shouldn’t feel guilty about.

I feel I have to do things for other people to make them feel better. I feel responsible for others’ happiness.

If you said yes to many or most of these statements it may be you have a narcissistic parent. Watch to learn more.



Help Me! My Significant Other Needs Therapy


My husband, wife, lover, best friend needs help but they won’t admit to it. They are making me crazy. What can I do?

Watch and learn about how you can help them and help yourself.

Did you know?…….

If you go into therapy your significant other will automatically change as well.

Be aware of this…… If you get therapy and change you may decide to leave the relationship.


Raise Low Self-Esteem

Do you long to feel better about yourself?

Dr. Wendy Hill tells how to raise your self-esteem.

Learn how your recognition of your low self-esteem can be the opening door to higher self-esteem. Learn what you can do and what a session with Dr. Wendy would be like.

If you have these feelings know that you are not alone.

Most people have some degree of low self esteem. Often people don’t recognize their own low self esteem because they so effectively compensate with perceived successes and deny their deeper feelings.

Being aware of your low self-esteem is actually a step forward. You can do something about it now. Understanding the cause of these feelings will help set you free you from them.

Therapy can significantly help. In your first session with me as your therapist I will take your history and in that conversation I will know the hidden causes of your low self-esteem and of course, I will tell you. This can be a beautiful beginning for you.

How To Communicate Better

How well do you communicate?

How we communicate is perhaps the most powerful way we create our happiness or unhappiness. Learning to communicate compassionately and effectively is an art form.

We learn how to communicate in childhood by watching our parents and others. We see how they communicate…how they attempt to fill their needs.

Poor and self-defeating communication patterns are generally passed down generation to generation so we are often taught what not to do and say.

How to have a “Secret Dialogue”

Here is the good news: you can learn effective communication skills as an adult. I can teach you a really effective method I call “Secret Dialogue.”

I have taught many of my clients this tool and watched it change their lives in amazing ways. Once you learn the basic secret of this skill you can practice on your own and experience your own amazing results.

Dr. Wendy Hill tells why most people have poor communication skills and how you can learn better how to say what you want and what you need. She talks about her special communication tool called “secret dialogue.”

Wendy Hill, Ph.D. has a practice in San Diego County in Encinitas and conducts workshops and classes there.


Cause of Depression and Anxiety

Here is today’s challenge from Mari: I would like to know the cause of depression and anxiety.

Here is a fact: depression and anxiety are manifestations of depressed or denied feelings and conditions in your life over which you feel you have no control. These feelings and conditions manifested in your past even as far back as your childhood.

By learning what they are and facing them you can begin to take greater responsibility for your own happiness. Sometimes it can feel a little bit like facing a dragon.

But here is a universal truth: the moment you face the dragon, it dies and no longer can hurt you.

As a therapist I combine hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, communication skills, and spirituality. If what hear in this video is helpful and you want to know more call me at the number at the bottom of this screen or go to my website, and read about how to have a happier more productive life.

How Your Childhood Impacts Your Current Life

What you don’t remember can run your life.

If you are having such thoughts you are a giant step ahead of most people on your personal growth path.

Here is a fact: your childhood has had the most influential impact on your happiness and well-being over every other experience you have had in your life since the age of ten.

Why? Because your childhood experience imprints upon you how to view yourself, others, and the world. That view, or core set of beliefs, determine how you will react to life’s stresses and pressures. And how you react internally determines how you will feel and respond to the losses and gains life throws at you.

Some people are devastated by life’s difficulties. Others learn from them, move forward, and find peace of mind. Regression therapy will help you reveal the high impact moments in your past that set core beliefs. As a therapist in San Diego, Encinitas, Del Mar, and Carlsbad I combine hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, communication skills, and spirituality.

Say What I Need and Want

Here is today’s life challenge from Shawna: I want to be able to say what I need and what I want but somehow can’t get up the strength.

In our culture, especially women, are taught that if you are direct and say what you want that you are being rude. All of us want to be accepted and liked by others. Are you afraid that if you say what you want that you are not being nice? That perhaps you will be seen as a ‘bitch’ or difficult person?

Consider this: being “nice” if you are not saying what you need or want has the potential to make you frustrated, resentful, and angry. You may end up being an unhappy and difficult person in another way. By being ‘nice’ you are paving the way to your own unhappiness.

You can learn to be direct and compassionate at the same time by learning my “Secret Dialogue” skill. Others may not always like what you say but you will gain their respect and most importantly your will gain your own respect.

Learn more about hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, communication skills, and spirituality. If what hear in this video is helpful and you want to know more call me at the number at the bottom of this screen or go to my website, and read about how to have a happier more productive life.



Letting Go Of Anger

Dr. Wendy Hill, a San Diego and Encinitas therapist who combines hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, communication skills, and spirituality, is offering you this Advice Moment.

Here is today’s life challenge from Donna: I’m angry about something in the past and can’t seem to let it go.

Unresolved anger and holding grudges is a wonderful way to insure your own unhappiness. Did you know that most unresolved anger is about how you perceive things?

Here’s an example: if you have a core belief that others don’t really care about you, you will perceive others as not caring about you. You will have blinders on that prevent you from seeing the whole picture.

The result is you feeling like a victim, holding on to the anger in order to not be a victim again. Here is the good news: by seeing your experience through a new set of beliefs you can let go of the anger and consequently be at peace. I can help you do this.

How To Stop Self-Defeating Behavior

Here is today’s life challenge from Dave: I feel trapped by self-defeating behavior patterns but I don’t know how to stop.

Here is a fact that may help: everyone has self-defeating behavior patterns. These patterns begin in childhood and follow you throughout life unless you do something about them.

Such patterns can undermine your relationships, your ability to work effectively, your creativity, your finances…in fact your entire life and well-being can be compromised. But take heart.

You can do something about those pesky patterns by facing them, seeing them clearly, and making some deep down decisions of how you want to change how you think, feel, and act.

As a therapist  in San Diego, Encinitas. I combine hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, communication skills, and spirituality. If what hear in this video is helpful and you want to know more call me at the number at the bottom of this screen or go to my website, and read about how to have a happier more productive life.


Was I Molested As A Child?

Here is today’s life challenge from Shirley: I think I might have been molested as a child but can’t remember.

Some people have some memory of being molested as a child. Others have little or no memory but have a gut feeling about it. Because of the shame and horror of molestation, memories of childhood molestation can be hidden deep in the subconscious mind.

It takes courage and readiness to reveal to the self those hidden past memories. Here is a fact: by remembering what happened you can heal. By pushing the memories away out of your consciousness you guarantee misery in the present.

Molestation is a soul-robbing act and will effect you your entire life unless you get therapy. To heal it you have to remember it. It can be done…in baby steps.

If you think you may have been molested or have some memory of molestation consider getting help. You are worth the effort. As a therapist specialize in healing childhood trauma. I combine hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, communication skills, and spirituality.

Taking A Stand

Here is today’s life challenge from Kris: I’m afraid to take a stand for myself and wish that I could be stronger.

Did you know that this fear comes from a time you may not even recall consciously? Or that you do recall but you have trivialized or denied its power over you?

The secret to doing this is by going back to your childhood and seeing it from an adult perspective and loving that child you once were. By bringing the origin of your fear into your awareness and seeing its real impact on you, you can change that fear into self-confidence.

All it takes is a little guidance, compassion, and courage. You don’t have to do this alone. Many have gone before you paving the path to healing. Now remember hold On To Your Dreams.



Connecting Spiritually

Here is today’s life challenge from Barb: I want to learn how to call upon the great loving wise part of myself and be more spiritual in my actions.

Your spiritual connection within yourself is essential to your happiness. In fact, as a therapist I consider that connection to be a necessary part of therapy. Keep in mind that there is a difference between religion and spirituality.

True spiritual connection is very private and personal within the self and quite often cannot be shared with another human being because it is a feeling and a knowingness within that surpasses understanding and rational communication.

It is what I call the Great Loving Wise One within the self that is activated and present in your consciousness. Everyone has this. Not everyone is aware of it. But when you become aware of it and it is active in your consciousness your life is permeated with a wonderful peace and joy.