Advanced Hypnotherapy

Psychotherapy. Regression.

Spiritual Hypnosis. Core Beliefs.
Inner Child Healing. Childhood Trauma.

Anxiety. Depression. Relationship.


Your   psychological and spiritual well-being

Hypnosis, Spirituality, and Core Belief Transformation

Q: How is this therapy different from other therapies?


It's not just talk therapy. With regression hypnosis it accesses the subconscious mind where your core beliefs reside and allows you to transform on a deep level. It allows you to release old negative emotions and thoughts that have dictated how you think, feel, and act.

Q:  How long does it take to get results?

You will start to feel positive results within the first 5 two-hour sessions. You will feel tangible results within 10 two-hour sessions. You will access your True Self during Dr. Hill's small group workshop, "Hypnotherapy Advanced Healing Regression Workshop."

Q: Why are sessions two hours long?

One hour goes by too fast. Two hour sessions allow you the time to address important issues and engage with the deep focus of hypnosis.

Q: What is childhood trauma and why do we tend to dismiss it or forget it?

Childhood trauma can be experienced in varying degrees. Even mild neglect can be traumatic to a child. Abuse done by caretakers or siblings, witnessing abuse of another, being in an environment where there is yelling, abuse of alcohol or drugs, or short term or long term abandonment are all traumatizing to a child. Abuse comes in all forms, some very subtle and deeply shaming. We tend to forget or dismiss our trauma in order to cope. In childhood this actually helps but as adults it can harm us.

Q: Why is doing a workshop an important part of my personal growth?

A workshop gives you the opportunity to experience love and acceptance from others.  Others on the same path can support and inspire you. They can help give you the courage to love yourself unconditionally and to do those things in your life you need to do. This experience is essential. 

Q: How is Dr. Hill different from other therapists?

She compassionately connects with you on a deep level. She is highly intuitive and "feels" and "knows" things that will help you grow. She is a trained psychotherapist and hypnotherapist and has been in practice for many years.
She can connect with you.

Q: What is a core belief?

Your core beliefs are your deep down subconscious beliefs you carry about yourself, others, and life. Your core beliefs were formed in the womb, infancy, and in early childhood. They dictate how you think, feel, and act throughout your life until you access them and change them.

Q: How does this therapy help me grow spiritually?

This therapy offers you the opportunity to connect with your True Self. When you connect with your True Self you are connecting with that which is the highest within you. You feel a deep connection with that which is truly spiritual. You feel empowered and filled with love, compassion, and courage to be who you truly are.

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