The Renaissance Experience Workshops

 Inner Child Healing Hypnosis Workshop Series


“Renaissance” means rebirth or reawakening.
In this intensive inner child healing workshop series
you will be introduced to the

YOU that has been waiting to be awakened. 

To learn more call Dr. Wendy: 760-994-9206


Important Information


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Dr. Wendy Hill, Experienced Professional

wendy hill

Dr. Wendy has been in practice for over 40 years in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. Trained in core belief transformation, Dr. Wendy is skilled in hypnosis and psychotherapeutic techniques that heal and transform. She specializes in Inner Child Healing.

She has conducted The Renaissance Experience Workshop continuously since 1984. Through this workshop she has supported hundreds of people in small groups to find their own truths. She gets to the root of any conflict and helps you transform your life.

Meet Dr. Wendy