A special kind of workshop where you listen to the lyrics, feel the music, share if you want, get the insight, and transform your life.


This the personal growth “love-in” workshop of the new millennium. Connect with yourself, your higher power, and your inner child through live and recorded music, lyric, and encouraging suggestions. Wendy Hill will musically lead you into yourself in a way that is compassionate, enjoyable, and deeply satisfying. After each song Wendy will respond to your questions, give suggestions, and offer help and wisdom.

When: Selected Saturdays  1:00 to 3:30 PM

Where: CentrePoint, Inc., 4407 Manchester Ave., Suite 103

Encinitas, CA 92024. Directions on this site.

Fee: Suggested donation $20

Presented by: Wendy Hill, Ph.D., CCHT. Wendy has been in practice for over 30 years specializing in core belief transformation.

Contact: RSVP ASAP to Wendy Hill at 760-994-9296 . Space is limited. Reserve your seat early.

Testimonial: by Jennifer Walsh

“The experience was one of empowerment and a new perspective on how I look at myself today.  I have always attached memories or feelings about a situation to music and I have tended to perpetuate those feelings and feel stuck or consumed by them whenever I hear a particular song.  The suggestions at the beginning of this session by Wendy transformed my experience and enabled me to recognize who I am today and that I have changed and can continue to change in the future.  I was able to move through that stuck feeling to a place of recognition of the work I have done in therapy and my recovery. The energy from the group experience and the flow of emotions was very powerful and created a connection between myself and the others present.  It was interesting to see how much emotion can be brought out through listening to the words of a particular song or the feelings that can be brought on by the music itself.

My experience was very positive and it opened a new door to a side of me that I have been trying to find for quite some time.  I believe that this would be a beneficial tool for anyone looking to move through any of life’s challenges, whether they be old feelings from the past or new emotions just coming into light.  It was an activity that helped me move closer to myself and I am thankful to have been a participant.”

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