Len A., M.D. is a physician who wants to tell it as it is when you choose to Dr. Wendy as your therapist. Here is what you need to know.

I lived my entire life repeating a pattern of self-defeating behaviors failing to realize their role as the source of dissatisfaction with my life and personal relationships. I finally reached an emotional rock-bottom…a point of desiring real change. Through serendipity in seeking a marriage therapist, Dr. Wendy came into my life. Seeing Dr. Wendy as my therapist has been nothing less than transformative.

Starting as a child, I have had numerous experiences of ineffective therapy throughout my life. The previous therapists, while being nice people and genuinely wanting to help, lacked the tools and expertise possessed by Dr. Wendy to do the job that I needed them to do.

Dr. Wendy used a blend of inner child therapy, hypnosis, talk therapy, and relationship analysis to stimulate my self-realization/discovery of changes that I needed to make in my thinking and actions. My process for change, with Dr. Wendy’s guidance, developed through many individual sessions along with a 5-day group workshop that was unbelievably even more impactful than the already fruitful individual sessions.

While being direct, yet compassionate, Dr. Wendy never let me off the hook. She led me to go where the other therapists did not: the roots of sadness, shame, anger, and guilt. She made clear that I had to face these difficult, uncomfortable feelings to get to a higher place.

As a result of my therapy, I now live a life enriched by a 4th dimension. This dimension consists of an emotional and spiritual realm invisible to me before seeking Dr. Wendy’s consultation. I would never have been able to make impactful changes in my life without tapping into this dimension.

I am, and will always be a work in progress, but with Dr. Wendy’s guidance, I have taken the first steps on the path to true happiness and peace.

If you are committed to do the hard work required in order to change your life, knowing that the reward will be an escape from a pattern of self-defeating behaviors that keep you in shackles, then Dr. Wendy is the best therapist for you. She best suits the individual ready to work hard and be challenged to improve their life. If you come to her with an open mind and an open heart, you will learn the techniques to experience peace and emotional stability in your life.

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