Stories That Touch You

Wendy has written stage and screenplays that have compelling stories and also reflect the challenges that people face in their every day lives. The stories are personal and heart rendering relating to relationships, loss, self esteem, children, forgiveness, and communication. Wendy has a special place in her heart for animals and often includes an animals as a character. Any one can relate to the struggles, delusions, and victories of her characters.

Permission To Use

All scripts are registered and cannot be used in any form other than for personal reading enjoyment without permission from Wendy Hill, M.A.

Download PDFs of Scripts

All scripts are in PDF format and can be downloaded by clicking on the highlighted script. Be sure to click twice. Once to bring up the script “box” and once to bring up the script.

Liberation (Also known as The Call)

This screenplay is the story of two couples who are faced with unimaginable losses caused by an evil “friend” whose devious plan to destroy life brings despair and eventual spiritual enlightenment to those he plans to harm. The screenplay is written to run for one and a half hours of film.



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