Wendy Hill, Ph.D. is a professional speaker based in San Diego. Speaking with enthusiasm, conviction, and depth, Wendy stands for quality. Do you want someone to really connect with your audience? Wendy connects. Her experience as a San Diego clinical hypnotherapist enhances her delivery. And her years of relationship coaching add to her personal touch. Whether you want your audience to learn the virtues of self hypnosis, win-win communication, or how to better their lives, Wendy has the straight talk.

At one time or another everyone is affected by Toxic Stress…Conflicting Relationships…Poor Focus

Win-Lose Communication…Pettiness…Negative Attitudes

Inspire Your People with the Power of a Professional in Human Behavior

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Keynotes, Openers, Closers,

Seminars & Workshops

The Power of You

How You Transform Others

Three Winning Attitudes

The Joy of Warrior Spirit

The Power of Self Hypnosis

Hypnosis for Health and Wellbeing

Core Beliefs and the Law of Attraction

How to Hypnotize Yourself

The Power of Win-Win Communication

Power of How You Say What You Say

The Rules of Engagement: How to Win-Win

How to Instantly Shift Your Attitudes

The Power of Unwanted Change

How to Negiotiate Through Difficult Periods

How to Turn Bad News Into Great News

How to Turn Loss into Wins

Wendy Hill, Ph.D.

Over 30 Years working up close and personal as a licensed psychotherapist, coach & speaker, Wendy combines her knowledge with elegance, wisdom & song.

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The Power of Young for Life

Ten Commandments of Happiness

Bringing Yourself to Aliveness

How to Turn Aging to Advantage

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