Inner Child Healing • Regression • Core Belief Transformation

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The 22 Video Chapters and eBook of this Self-paced online course are designed to break through a lifetime of trauma and put you in touch with your inner child and higher self. After healing the memories of your past you will be free to create a better future

Have You Been Seeking A New Start?

The intense, life-altering processes in this guide are structured to permanently transform how you think, feel, and act. I have always yearned to understand the mysteries of the human experience. I have been a true seeker, using my own life’s challenges as a springboard toward a better life. For many years I have worked individually and in groups with hundreds of people across the globe, sharing in what is necessary  to create a better life. This self-paced guide is the culmination of my life's work.

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This work is my heart

There is a you hidden beneath the you that you think you know. There are truths about you that are so wondrous that you may never dare to consider them as your own. This guide will offer you opportunities to discover and live the you that you never thought could be.

Chapter 1: To Begin

Chapter 2: Are You A True Seeker

Chapter 3: The Source Of Truth

Chapter 4: Your Original Programming

Chapter 5: Getting Ready

Chapter 6: Remembering Your Original Experience

Chapter 7: Regression

Chapter 8: Observing Your Family Of The Past

Chapter 9: The Life Event Line Step One: Your Experiences

Chapter 10: Understanding How Your Experiences Have Affected You

Chapter 11: The Life Event Line Step Two: Your Decisions

Chapter 12: Acknowledging Your Experience

Chapter 13: Acknowledging Your Feelings

Chapter 14: Talking To The People In Your Past

Chapter 15: Preparing For The Pillow Hit, The Tantrum, And The Cry

Chapter 16: The Pillow Hit

Chapter 17: The Tantrum

Chapter 18: The Cry

Chapter 19: Taking A Stand

Chapter 20: Reprogramming Yourself Through Self-Dialogue

Chapter 21: Giving Yourself A Truth

Chapter 22: Living In Truth

About Dr. Wendy

Wendy Hill, PhD is a psychotherapist and certified clinical hypnotherapist based in Encinitas, California. Dr. Wendy has been in practice for over 40 years. She focuses on core belief transformation and inner child healing. She has a Masters Degree and a Ph.D. in Human Behavior. Wendy specializes in advanced clinical hypnotherapy, identifying and transforming subconscious self-defeating core beliefs that cause life’s most common challenges and conflicts.  She is skilled in treating depression, anxiety, addiction, relationship problems, self-esteem, and life challenges. She is competent in core belief transformation, inner child healing, regression, and communication.

Wendy's Training:

Milton Erickson and Carl Rogers

Wendy was trained by Milton Erickson, the noted “father of hypnosis” and Carl Rogers, the founder of humanistic psychology. Her PhD and Masters Degrees in human behavior and psychology have offered a broad and in-depth basis for her work. She completed her undergraduate work at Whittier College, her graduate work at United States International University, and post graduate work at U. C. Irvine, California State University, Los Angeles, Univ. of M.S., and UCLA.

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