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Regression Therapy

Regression: The Key to Well-Being

Are you experiencing a personal conflict? Are you frustrated with therapies that have limited success?  Did you know that there is a therapeutic short cut that goes right to the root cause of your conflict and offers you the opportunity to transform yourself in ways your always dreamed? Compassionately. Kindly. Thoroughly. It’s called Regression Therapy. Regression Therapy can be the key to your well-being and happiness. It quickly gets to the root or core belief of any dilemma and restores balance, peace of mind, and healthy living choices.

Regression therapy can help resolve relationship problems, reduce and remove anxiety and depression, eliminate addiction, develop self confidence, raise self esteem, find peace of mind, decrease stress, heal sexual abuse, heal your inner child, resolve phobias, identify and transform core beliefs, bring to life your goals and develop your spirituality. Wendy Hill, Ph.D. is an expert in hypnosis and regression therapy. She specializes in identifying and transforming subconscious self defeating core beliefs that originate in the womb, in infancy, and in childhood. She will assist you in uncovering and healing past traumas, events and emotions. Hypnosis and regression therapy can unlock your hidden potential to live a fulfilled life.

Regression Specialist

Wendy Hill, Ph.D. specializes in the transformation of subconscious self-defeating core beliefs through regression therapy. She has been in practice for over 30 years in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. Wendy’s office is located at CentrePoint, Inc. in Encinitas, California and serves all of San Diego County. Wendy is a trained and seasoned hypnotherapist who understands advanced hypnosis, hypnotherapy, and psychotherapy.

What is Regression Therapy?

Regression is the act of going back in time to observe and to transform perceptions you made during high impact moments. Regression therapy can take you back as far as the womb in your current life or to a past life.  Regression therapy is a transformative hypnotherapy process where while in a state of hypnosis you re-live selected past experiences just long enough to identify your stressful high impact moments. You will learn how you felt, the decisions you made, and the patterns of behavior that sprang from those decisions. By recovering memory from long lost events and conditions you can grow, heal, mature, change, and upgrade self-defeating core beliefs. Advanced hypnosis techniques offered at San Diego Hypnotherapy help unearth past experiences lifting barriers or blocks to unhealthy or unproductive thinking and behavior.

Regression Therapy Heals the Past

Everything you are today is a result of everything that has happened to you in the past. How you think, feel, and act in the present has been programmed over time. Reprogramming and upgrading the way you think and feel is important for healthy, happy adult experience. Wendy Hill, professional hypnotherapist guides you through a healing and transforming process. With the help of advanced hypnotherapy you can resolve life long problems.

The purpose of regression is to clearly identify the conflicting high impact events and conditions of your infancy and childhood and to determine how they have affected you. Once you have done this you can communicate with your inner child new perspectives and a better reality. Your inner child is that part of your subconscious mind that is still living in the past. You can suggest to it new ways of thinking, feeling, and doing things. The result is automatic and powerful positive change in your present life. Because of the sensitivity of the inner child this process is life transforming and can only be trusted to a qualified and highly trained hypnotherapist. Wendy Hill, Ph.D. is expert in regression therapy and has the therapeutic tools to help you transform your life.

Simply put regression therapy is the act of mentally and emotionally going back and healing past wounds in order to understand and resolve the cause of a current problem. With hypnosis and regression therapy you can change your perception of the past and as a result automatically transform how you think, feel, and act in the present. Regression therapy can help you resolve issues in the past so you can live a transformed life that reflects the true you. Hypnosis and regression therapy remove past negative barriers that prevent you from living a fulfilled life and attaining your individual potential.

True Client Story

Bonnie’s self esteem was extremely low. She could not take a stand for herself and allowed others to intimidate her and make decisions for her. She also had very little memory of her childhood and didn’t believe she could recall anything even with the help of hypnosis. To her amazement during one of her hypnotherapy sessions she regressed back to her experience in the womb. While still an unborn baby she witnessed a conversation between her mother and grandmother. Her grandmother was telling her unmarried mother to adopt out her unborn child, Bonnie. Bonnie’s mother agreed. Though Bonnie didn’t understand the words at the time, she understood the intent of what was being said. She knew that her mother would abandon her. Then and there she made the decision that she was not worth keeping. This decision about herself made in the womb affected her entire life. With the help of Wendy at San Diego Hypnotherapy Bonnie was able to correct that faulty thinking about herself and embrace the truth of her worthiness. Bonnie’s life changed dramatically for the better. She went on to complete a college degree, bought a condo, and entered into an intimate relationship that was supportive and healthy.

Myths about regression and hypnotherapy:

It’s scary and I won’t be able to handle what I remember. In truth regression therapy with San Diego Hypnotherapy is emotionally safe. As the adult you are today you can look back and see things with an objective and more mature perspective. You will not do this alone. You will have a competent hypnotherapist, Wendy Hill, Ph.D., guiding you. For many years Wendy has guided hundreds of people through the processes.

I can’t remember much of anything about my childhood so what good will it do? With hypnosis guided regression therapy your mind will automatically show you what you need to remember. You will not have to try to remember with your conscious mind. Your subconscious mind will offer you what you need to know. Wendy will teach you how to do this.

No therapy has been able to help me. Most therapies only treat symptoms. Regression therapy is unique and powerful in its results because it addresses the root cause of the problem with hypnosis.

I might see or remember something that might upset me or that I’m not ready to see or remember. Your mind will show you only that which you are ready and able to deal with. Hypnotherapy is a safe therapeutic process that will enable you to deal with your past at a rate and in a time that is appropriate for you.

I will be one of those people who can’t be hypnotized or regress. Everyone can be hypnotized and everyone can regress. It is natural. The key is having a desire to heal and a willingness to participate in San Diego Hypnotherapy treatment process. Wendy will help you over come any blocks to regression.

My fear will keep me from being doing this. Most fears are based on irrational emotional thinking and can be demystified easily. Your fears can be used as a springboard to healing. They are actually the opening door to healing.

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