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Phobia Cause

Phobias and anxiety attacks are caused by fear based thoughts held in the subconscious mind. These thoughts can be irrational and not based on reality. Nevertheless they have great power and can limit one’s life and well being significantly. Such thoughts are often linked to long forgotten stressful experiences. Sometimes a phobia can originate during childhood under upsetting circumstances over which the child had little or no control. The child can take on an upsetting belief that remains in the subconscious mind and can be triggered later by a circumstance that in some way reminds the subconscious mind of the original upsetting experience. Phobias later in life can often be linked to upsetting childhood experiences. However, the person experiencing the phobia can be entirely unaware of the phobia’s origin.

Phobia Types

Phobias can take many forms. Some are fear of heights, fear of depths, fear of closed in spaces, fear of leaving the house, fear of medical treatment (doctors, needles, dentists, hospitals, etc.), fear of flying, fear of germs, fear of animals or bugs, fear of the dark, fear of water, fear of open spaces. These are examples of generalized fears. One can have a phobia of specific things such as a particular person, place, or thing.

Phobia Cure with Hypnotherapy

Phobia’s can be cured with hypnosis. With a skilled hypnotherapist a phobia can be defused and often completely resolved. Trace the phobia to it’s origin and the phobia can be cured. By identifying the origin of a phobia and the use of guided imagery a competent hypnotherapist can guide a client safely through the process.

Phobia Healing Client Story

Some time ago I had a highly trained and otherwise competent client whose career depended on his skill in diving to great depths in the ocean. For years he was noted in his field as one of the best divers. Suddenly and without warning he was assailed by irrational fears of diving and depths. When in a dive he would have increasing anxiety with every foot he descended. He would experience a severe anxiety attack. His heart rate would go up. His breathing would become irregular. He would have to abort the dive and return to the surface. He felt extreme remorse, embarrassment, and shame. He did not know what to tell his colleagues or his boss. When he came to me for help he was desperate to overcome his fears. As I took his history I learned that he had recently gone through a painful break up with his girl friend. This break up had triggered long lost memories of childhood feelings of abandonment. Those memories and feelings were triggered when he made a dive. Each foot he descended reminded his subconscious mind of increasing isolation. Once he identified the origin of his phobia he was able to heal it with the help of a few suggestions and a few guided imagery processes while in hypnosis. His phobia was completely healed and he returned to his job refreshed and full of energy.

The Origin of Fear Can Be Identified

Every person is different and has different life experiences. When I work with a client I always take a history, past and current. Most often I can identify right away the current trigger of the phobia and its origin in the past. This allows me to know the processes and suggestions to give that will help my client. Phobias are not a mystery once you identify their origins. One can return to normal healthy living within a short period of time.

Wendy Hill, Ph.D.

Wendy has been in practice in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy for over 30 years. She is expert in transforming subconscious self-defeating core beliefs that cause phobias, anxiety, and stress.


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