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Core Beliefs


A core belief is a deeply held conviction about yourself that is regarded by your subconscious mind as an inalterable truth. All core beliefs are hidden within the subconscious mind. Core beliefs are formed very early in life, often as early as in the womb and infancy. Core beliefs are formed from your interpretation of your experience during high impact moments while you are very young and very vulnerable. High impact moments are those emotionally intense moments in time when your mind makes a decision about something related to yourself. Positive high impact moments create positive core beliefs. Stressful high impact moments create negative core beliefs. Core beliefs are simple. I am loved, I am not loved, I am safe, I am not safe are example of core beliefs.

Core Beliefs Form Patterns

Once a core belief is activated and reinforced it creates patterns of thought, feeling, and behavior. For example, a core belief of “I am not loved” may cause a child to withdraw, feel unworthy, and depressed. The child then may develop a secondary defense of over achieving, manipulating, or choosing the wrong kind of relationships.

Core Beliefs Have Power

Your core beliefs dictate how you think, feel, and act. Core beliefs are so powerful that they supersede logic and even the strongest will. Your core beliefs always win. They always get their way. Meditation, prayer, positive affirmations, education, motivational videos and CD’s all lose their power in the face of a core belief. As long as a core belief is active we are at its mercy.

Why Do They Have Power?

How can a thought be so powerful? How can it defy logic? How can it defy time and new experience? The subconscious mind has no sense of time. This means that subconsciously an experience you had at age four is still happening as thought it were happening in the present. Once a core belief is formed it remains forever until it is recognized and transformed. A core belief is held in place by unrecognized and unresolved strong emotion. The emotion is often forgotten and unfelt and held somewhere in the subconscious mind. The emotion is like a strong force field holding a core belief fixed.

What Is the Solution?

A negative or self-defeating core belief can be transformed by identifying the high impact moments and conditions that formed it, seeing it from an entirely new perspective, releasing the emotion that holds it in place, and accepting a new, more helpful belief. Hypnotherapy opens the door to resolution.

How Does Hypnosis Do This?

With the help of a qualified and experienced hypnotherapist a core belief can be revealed to the conscious mind. At that time the belief can be recognized for what it is, the emotions can be released, and a new belief can replace the old one.

Why Can’t I Do This Myself?

This sounds easy like one should be able to do this with just thinking and remembering. However, the subconscious mind protects its secrets carefully. What you consciously think is true may be seen differently by your subconscious mind. Your natural defenses can keep you from seeing reality. You need an experienced objective person to help you uncover your hidden truths.

Hypnosis can offer you the opportunity to see the real picture. A qualified therapist has the objective position and experience to help guide you to see what you need to see in order to make the transformation.

What Makes A Qualified Hypnotherapist?

A qualified hypnotherapist must have the education, depth of understanding, and experience to help you. A graduate degree and expertise in the area of psychology is important. A part of that necessary competence is having done their own personal growth work. This gives the therapist a well rounded and compassionate capacity. In addition a good hypnotherapist must know the right questions to ask you to help reveal your deeper beliefs to yourself.

Wendy Hill, Ph.D.

Wendy Hill, Ph.D. has been in private practice in the helping profession for over 30 years. She is trained in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. She has graduate degrees in psychology, has written many published articles and has authored the book, The True Seeker’s Guide To A Better Life. She has been asked to speak often over the years on hypnosis and personal growth. She has been in practice for over 30 years and is trained in psychotherapy and core belief transformation, Wendy is skilled in hypnosis and psychotherapeutic techniques that heal and transform.

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