Be guided stop-by-step to a better life using the power of self-hypnosis. Transform fear, anger, shame, and hurt into confidence and peace. Change your relationships for the better. Heal compulsions, old wounds, and self-defeating behavior. Overcome depression, anxiety, and confusion. Build hope, clear thinking, strength of character, and healthy control of your life. Learn the tools that will serve you the rest of your life. This book has absolute psychological integrity. It addresses what undermines your happiness and your self-defeating core beliefs and automatically moves you toward significant well-being.

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 Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction & Meet the Demonstrators
  2. Are You A True Seeker?
  3. The Source Of Truth
  4. Your Original Programming
  5. Getting Ready
  6. Remembering Your Original Experience
  7. Regression
  8. Regression Demonstration
  9. Observing Your Family of the Past
  10. Observing Past Family Demonstration
  11. Life Event Line 1: Your Experiences
  12. Understanding How Your Experiences Have Affected You
  13. Life Event Line 2: Your Decisions
  14. Acknowledging Your Experience
  15. Acknowledging Your Feelings
  16. Talking to People In Your Past
  17. Talking to Past People Demonstration
  18. Preparing for The Pillow Hit, The Tantrum, & The Cry
  19. The Pillow Hit
  20. The Pillow Hit Demonstration
  21. The Tantrum
  22. The Tantrum Demonstration
  23. The Cry / The Cry Demonstration
  24. Taking A StandReprogramming Yourself Self-Dialouge
  25. Reprogramming Yourself Self-Dialouge Demonstration
  26. Giving Yourself A Truth
  27. Giving Yourself A Truth Demonstration
  28. Living In Truth


This book is for those who are serious about creating a better life.

This book is for those who desire a deep and fulfilling life transformation.

This book tells you how to transform subconscious self defeating core beliefs in depth.

This book will take you step by step through the transformational process.

Doing the processes in this book can be challenging and emotional.

First a little psychology talk…

The Reality:

Your subconscious core beliefs determine your life experience. Learn more in-depth about core beliefs here.

The Problem:

Your self-defeating patterns of behavior, feelings and thoughts are caused by your self-defeating core beliefs. You cannot improve your life signficantly until you change your subconscious self-defeating core beliefs.

The Solution:

To change your self-defeating core beliefs you must connect with your subconscious mind, become aware of what your core beliefs are, where and when they came into being, choose more helpful ways of filling your needs and communicate that to your subconscious mind. Read a chapter from the book about your original programming. Listen to Chapter One.

The Tool:

The True Seeker’s Guide To A Better Life

Addresses the Root of the Problem, Not the Symptom

This book will take you step by step through the processes that address and transform any life challenge issue:


  • Relationship Problems
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Addiction
  • Codependency
  • Stressful Life Challenges
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Undue Stress
  • Spiritual Blocks
  • Childish Reactions

It addresses all these issues because all these issues are symptoms of core beliefs that do not serve you. For example, addictive behavior is a symptom of a subconscious belief you took on long ago and still carry about now to fill your emotional/physical/spiritual needs. The addictive behavior will vanish once you upgrade the core belief that supports it.

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