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Depression Twelve: Being Too Nice Dana’s Story

Sometimes depression can be the result of being a “nice” person. Dana considered herself to be nice, making sure that nobody’s feelings were hurt. Everybody liked Dana. She never challenged anyone and backed off of any confrontation. Dana had no demands of her own on anyone. No wonder Dana was so popular. Dana’s popularity convinced … Read more

Depression Eleven: Is Depression Inherited? Annie’s Story

Annie came to my office telling me that she was on several medications for depression and that she really wanted to get off the medications so she could feel “normal” again. I learned that she had never really gone into therapy to explore the reasons for her depression. She said simply, “Depression runs in my … Read more

Depression Seven: Betrayal of Trust

A betrayal of trust such as a spouse having an affair, a loved one lying or keeping important secrets, revealing something you told in confidence, turning their back on you, or aligning with a perceived enemy can cause depression. Although the betrayal is often cruel and irresponsible there is a lesson in it for you. … Read more