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Couples Therapy and Retreats

We can resolve this together.
Let’s talk about it today.

Wendy Hill, Ph.D. couples therapy and retreats. Compassionate, direct resolution of problems. “Dr. Wendy is amazing. She knew what to do.”

• Infidelity
• Poor communication
• Lack of connection
• Partner withdrawn
• Addiction
• Arguing
• Personal transition
• Loss or trauma
• Sexual problems
• Overwhelming stress

Can Our Relationship Be Saved?   Can I be the person I want/need to be?

Should this relationship end?     What is the best thing to do?

What about the children?   How can I forgive?

Wendy Hill, Ph.D.
International Counselor
Marriage and Relationship Coach
Telephone, Skype, In Person
Located in Encinitas, California

Over 35 years experience resulting in hundreds of happy people and healthy relationships.
Dr. Wendy is compassionate yet direct. She will let you know how it is and what you as a couple need to do. She is highly intuitive and is sensitive to your needs both as individuals and as a couple. She addresses the core issues that have contributed to the problem and offers practical and workable solutions. Dr. Wendy considers win-win communication to be vital and will show you ways to communicate and negotiate through the toughest problems. Her work is spiritually inspiring and will often encourage you both to call upon the highest within you.

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