Are you craving to stay more centered and mindful? Life can sometimes be busy and overwhelming and we need a place that’s safe and calm to re-connect with ourselves. The support women can give each other can help us do just that. Wendy Hill, Ph.D. offers you a caring and compassionate small group environment where you can decompress, build your self-confidence, and find your center through mindfulness, self-hypnosis, meditation, and open discussion. When a group has exceeded seven to ten women, a new group is formed on another evening. The current group meets Wednesday evenings at 6:30 to 8:00 at 4407 Manchester Ave., Suite 103, Encinitas, CA. To register call Dr. Wendy at 760-994-9296.

Did you know that women who get continued support of others in a safe and compassionate group environment are statistically more healthy and have more satisfying personal relationships? It’s true. When you feel supported to be your true self, your mind, body, and spirit respond with enlivened vigor. It feels good to be alive.

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