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Advanced Hypnotherapy

Relationship Help and Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy offers powerful relationship help. How we communicate, negotiate, fill our needs, and express ourselves in our relationships is determined by our underlying attitudes and beliefs about ourselves. Our childhood experiences help program us. Healthy role models increase our chances of having healthy, happy adult relationships. Family dysfunction can also set us up for dysfunctional adult relationships. Hypnosis combined with counseling can clarify and heal the past and set the course for positive and fulfilling relationships.

Addiction Recovery

The cause of addictive behavior is underlying upsetting memories, emotions, and attitudes. When an upsetting past is left unhealed, the result is addiction. When the past is healed, the present is transformed. You can recover from any addiction through the skilled guidance of a highly trained certified clinical hypnotherapist.

Self-Confidence Help

Low self-esteem is rooted in underlying attitudes and beliefs about the self often taken on in childhood and reinforced by repeated experience. Low self-confidence can become a self-defeating pattern. This pattern can be broken with hypnotherapy.

Cure for Phobias

Phobias and irrational fears are rooted in the subconscious mind. The underlying cause of a phobia can be brought into consciousness and healed through clinical hypnotherapy. This transformation can occur over a short period of time. The results can be deeply satisfying offering a new peace of mind and freedom to experience life more fully.

San Diego County and Encinitas Location

Located in Encinitas, CentrePoint, Inc. is a professional non-profit organization providing advanced hypnotherapy at its most helpful level. Wendy Hill, Ph.D., CCHT (certified clinical hypnotherapist) practices advanced clinical hypnotherapy. She has been in practice for over 30 years as a licensed psychotherapist (1975 to 2007) and hypnotherapist. Wendy has in-depth training and understanding of hypnosis, human behavior, psychotherapy, core beliefs, and the subconscious mind. Advanced hypnotherapy treats the root of the problem so that positive changes occur at the very core of the subconscious mind. This results in transformed behaviors and feelings.

Hypnotherapy and Treating Symptoms

Most hypnotherapists treat symptoms. Treating a symptom can be helpful but can leave you vulnerable and may be temporary in its results as it does not address the root or core source of the problem. Problems left unaddressed at their root can resurface later and can create dysfunction or addiction in other areas. Most of the time what you are experiencing as a problem is more likely a symptom of a greater underlying problem that may be causing a myriad of symptoms. If you identify and treat the root problem, you are likely to alleviate many symptoms. Wendy Hill, Ph.D., CCHT in Encinitas, California identifies and treats the root of the problem.

Advanced hypnotherapy offers rapid and powerful solutions to life’s challenges. It is considered the most powerful alternative to traditional psychotherapy. In fact, advanced hypnotherapy is in many ways superior to traditional psychotherapy in that it quickly bypasses what can otherwise take months of searching, analyzing, and guessing.

Whatever your issue or dilemma if you identify and treat the underlying problem your life will be much better. You will experience greater peace of mind, your relationships will improve, you will think more clearly, and make better decisions. Advanced clinical hypnotherapy will enable you to have better control of your life and help you connect with your spirituality.

The First Hypnotherapy and Counseling Session

First, call Wendy Hill and tell her what you are experiencing. She will spend time with you on the telephone to help you become clear about what you want and the best next step to take. If you decide to come in for a session, Wendy will help you further define and clarify your needs until a clear direction of treatment is established. Often a two-hour session is ideal to allow ample time for discussion and hypnotherapy.

Wendy will allow you to move at your own pace. Sometimes taking small steps is best. You are an individual. Wendy customizes for your particular needs and goals. Sometimes it takes a series of sessions ranging from several hours to several months depending on the nature of your goals. Wendy will also suggest helpful at home assignments including self-hypnosis.

Hypnosis and Core Beliefs

Memory retrieval (or regression) is a process where, at your request, your mind will reveal to you past experiences, including your experience in previous lives, that are influencing you in the present. It can reveal to you the self-defeating core beliefs that cause your self-defeating patterns of thought, emotion, and behavior. It will tell you why you respond in ways that undermine your success, your relationships, finances, health, well-being, and parenting. Regression will reveal the cause of fear, depression, anger, and guilt. By bringing into your conscious mind the source of upsetting feelings and behaviors you can take the steps to change them. Regression can be the opening door to transform your life for the better.

Through hypnotherapy, you can access your true core beliefs hidden in the deeper layers of your subconscious mind. Your core beliefs can change only if you become conscious of them. In hypnosis, your mind will reveal to you the information you need to make the changes you want. Revealing and understanding your core beliefs offers you the opportunity to transform how you think, feel, and act.

Each of us is responsible for our own happiness and well-being. Sometimes it is helpful to have quiet times of observation and reflection while in a hypnotic or meditative state to look within the self for more clarity and information regarding a symptom, memory, or insight. This quiet time of several minutes is an opportunity to take more responsibility for your experience. Often this time will bring realizations not previously understood.

The Power of Hypnotic Regression

The idea of regression may seem strange or even frightening to you. Remember this: whatever happened in the past you survived it. As the adult you are today you can deal with and transform what you were not emotionally able to cope with as a child. The power of hypnotic regression is reflected by the power of adult experience versus childhood experience. You, as the adult you are today, have many skills you did not have as a child. You have life experience. You have power you didn’t have as a child. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy have the power to help you unleash that power. You can heal your past and make your present what you always wanted.

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How Your Subconscious Mind Speaks to You

Your subconscious mind is constantly speaking to you. It has a language of its own. It speaks in pictures, emotions, hunches, intuitive feelings, and physical responses. Your subconscious mind is telling you about the things that are most important to you. Once you understand how your mind is speaking to you, you can communicate back to it. You can give it instruction and in doing so you can transform its automatic responses. Once you communicate correctly to your subconscious mind you can empower yourself in a number of ways. For example, you can program yourself to feel more confident, to communicate more compassionately, to do things you once feared, or to accomplish a difficult task.

The Power of Self-Talk, Imagery, and Imagination

You can communicate best to your subconscious mind through self-talk (autosuggestion), the use of imagery, and imagination. Since your subconscious mind speaks to you through pictures, feelings, and emotions it will respond best if you communicate back to it in kind. Your subconscious mind will respond to your bidding. The trick is to learn how to speak its language and communicate to it in such a way as to get positive results.

What is Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind producing extraordinary levels of relaxation of mind, body, and emotions. Hypnosis can access and utilize the power of your inner resources. It transcends the critical, analytical level of your mind facilitating the acceptance of suggestions. Hypnosis can elicit information, memories, and insights. It is among the most powerful tools for health and well-being. It can help build self-confidence, improve relationships, lower stress, support vibrant health and well-being, help alleviate anxiety depression and addiction, aid in setting and achieving goals.

Self Hypnosis

Self-hypnosis can help you achieve greater control of your life. By consciously choosing to place yourself into a focused state of mind you can accomplish many wonderful things. You can learn to relax, live your dreams, find peace of mind, enhance your faith and spirituality. The list goes on and on. Through self-hypnosis, you can create your own happiness and success. Self-hypnosis can become an invaluable support you can use anytime, anywhere. Wendy Hill, Ph.D. is a hypnotherapist who serves San Diego County, including Oceanside and Del Mar, and is ready to help you find your happiness.

Clinical Hypnotherapy That Transforms

Are you having a life challenge, feel stressed, depressed, or anxious, struggling with a relationship problem or emotional conflict, fighting low self-esteem, an addiction, a phobia, or just want to give yourself a better life? Advanced professional hypnotherapy may be your answer. Professional clinical hypnotherapy helps you transform your life. It empowers you to make positive decisions and find happiness and peace of mind.

Hypnosis That Heals Depression, Anxiety, and Stress

The causes of depression, anxiety, and stress are rooted in certain attitudes and beliefs that are held in the subconscious mind. How we deal with life’s challenges is determined by these attitudes and beliefs. Hypnotherapy gets to the underlying root or core beliefs causing depression, anxiety, and stress and heals or transforms them into beliefs that support healthy adult experience.

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