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Welcome! Over the past over thirty years I have helped hundreds of people enhance and heal their lives. If you are facing a challenge or just want to expand your personal and spiritual growth…I can help. There is always a way to a better life. It just takes the right person to help you find what you need.

With hope and compassion,
Dr. Wendy Hill

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Reviews from Past Clients:
Thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of your incredible Renaissance Experience! Of all the workshops that I’ve done or assisted in, including EST and its’ follow-up seminar series, yours was, by far the VERY BEST! It was the most comprehensive, the most intense, and the most powerful experiential program that I have ever shared in! And for this opportunity, I am overwhelmingly grateful. And you, Wendy, were absolutely WONDERFUL! And I thank you from the bottom of my heart!
From Gary –

Wendy’s program is fantastic, it opened my eyes to a lot of reasons why and how we do things. Wendy is extremely intuitive and able to see through the horse crap. She is the only counselor I felt I got my money’s worth. I gained something immediately from her guidance, she helped me and my wife out alot. She got me through the hard times. Now I’m on maintenance, I’m doing great I started my own business.
From Rena –

Wendy has completely changed my life. My reactions to things are completely new now. She helped me identify concrete tools to deal with the turbulence from my past and to overcome the obstacles to obtain true happiness now. I’m not as angry, before I felt I had to protect myself My pragmatic differences are amazing since I went through Wendy’s program. Now strangers as well as people I know are attracted to me. I don’t have to work nearly as hard as before to attract customers to my new business; I now have a type of charisma I did not have before., people gravitate to me now. Wendy’s program gave me a glimpse into how good things in my life can be. Wendy is awesome.
From Cliff –

Wendy made a big advance in my life, her program was a big eye opened for me. She has a unique way of bringing out things you didn’t know were there! I got a referral to Wendy’s program from a friend who participated in a weekend program. On Monday, he had an actual (positive) physical change after participating (in the program). I said “I what happened to you? I want that!” I never saw a therapist before, or after her program. It was a big investment in me. My thoughts and feelings were totally different after participating. Today, I still use the tools I learned from her program 20 years ago. She’s not the usual therapist; they broke the mold with Wendy.
From Diane –

With Wendy I made permanent life changes that effected my entire life and will continue to do so permanently. A person is like an onion with many layers. Wendy helps you unpeel all those layers to get to the core, process through it and be rid of the core issues once and for all.
From Joanna –

Wendy provides the ingredients for life altering changes, you couldn’t ask for a better guide. My husband, daughter and I needed guidance to see things clearly; we were in a place to move on in life. Mostly, she gave us skills so we could better understand ourselves. We’re on automatic pilot. Wendy helped delve inside us and understand how we tick, why we do what we do. We learned the how tos, the steps to take, how to grow. She got us in touch with our inner strength.
From Shawn –

Wendy unlocked the real me. I feel like a million pounds has been lifted from me. It’s been a huge paradigm shift in my life. I’m a musician, a trombonist, and travel and perform around the country. I dealt with performance anxiety. After working with Wendy, I can now let things happen and know it will be ok. Something now has changed in me, it’s an amazing relief. Wendy is a very kind, empathetic and insightful professional. She’s a powerful and healing person, and I cannot thank her enough.
From Rosie –